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August 17, 2007

Noodles, Yogurt and Mashed Potatoes

No, I'm not becoming a chef. I'm on a liquid/soft food diet after having all three of my wisdom teeth extracted on Tuesday. My recovery is progressing rapidly, and with sparing use of narcotics (none today). I went in on Tuesday at about 1:20, and was at home about 1.5 hours later asleep. The bleeding of the sockets that remain has been low and slow, now stopped completely. I may be returning to work tonight (Friday), but that remains to be decided.

But overall I find the experience to be less horrific than described by those previously subjected to the procedure. Perhaps I got lucky. Anyway, The healing continues, and I'm now beginning to think about my move up to SLO. The Dad just bought me a new computer to take with me, another Dell desktop that will be even faster than his home machine is now. w00t!

The Angels won today, as Bryan and I superstitiously clung to our designated seats throughout the bout with Toronto. At one point I moved, Toronto scored a run and threatened more, so I moved back and the Angels scored again, twice. Amazing how coincidental life can be. But we gained 1/2 a game on Seattle, so thats something.

Summer is winding down, and this time next month I'll be coming to you from my new pad, and another month later I'll be turning 21. Just flies by. I'll try to keep updates coming in the next few weeks, as I paint the exterior of the house, finish up at work, pack up all my stuff, go to 6 Angels games (Aug. 31 - Sept. 5) with Bryan, and finally make the trek up ol' Hwy 101 to my new home. Gonna be a busy month. Hope everyone has a good time and leaves some love, I always enjoy it! Cheers!