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October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween!

Greetings to all!

Hope you all had a spooky, candy-filled day down there iin SoCal. I'm not doing anything, cuz there'snot much to do besides party. I'm all partied out. Anyway, hope your day was fun-filled and exciting. I love the costumes you guys sported - very original. Nice. I'll be sure to get a piece of the action next year.

Catch you on the flip side.

Jimbo from SLO

October 25, 2004

Still Alive and Well.....

Hello to everyone once again!

It has been two weeks since my last entry, mostly because of midterms and heavy social activity. I have had nothing really cool to post since my birthday, and the lack of major events has had the effect of creating a gap in the photo archive. What you see is what I've got.

Well, I'm continuing my Ulitmate frisbee practice with the team, although I've missed a few due to pain in my joints and shins, along with pressing social engagements and things of that nature. Last week, on Sunday the 17th, I scored two points in a scrimage during practice. It was great, because it was raining all day that day, and ultimate is ten times as fun in the rain. Think mud.

I am frequenting the billiards tables, though not at the expense of my studies. I use the sports as a release of what little stress builds up from class and otherwise. Ping pong also pops up in there sometimes. I've joined the Cal Poly Billiards Club and am enjoying that as well. Lots of social activity along with trick shot seminars and meetings every Monday. Pretty neat-o.

Got my absentee ballot and am ready to cast my vote. Who will it be for? Well, as this is my first election, it has been in my mind for some time now. I plan on voting, at this time, for G.W. Bush, for a number of reasons. But I'm not gonna get into that now. It pains me to think about what could possibly come out of this election. *shudder*

Oh, I lied about the picture thing. I have not cut my hair since I moved here, and it's getting pretty shaggy. I don't feel the need to cut it here. It doesn't get hot enough to denote head-shaving, which is the main reason I have worn it so short at home. Here's what it looks like:

I don't think I'm gonna cut it for a while. At least not unitl 2005.

And last week my roommate found a tarantula taking a stroll while taking out the garbage. Here it is. Happy Halloween!

I guess that about wraps 'er up. Hope all is well in SoCal and elsewhere. See you in a few weeks for TurkeyFest 2004!

Until next time, this is JimboFromSLO saying:

"May all your..........uh..........aw heck I'm no good at these things......."

Goodnight and have a pleasant tomorrow!

October 11, 2004

The Best Day of the Year

As you may have guessed by the title, I think today is the best day of the year. This is simply because it's my birthday. This year it was extra special because I reached 18 years of age, a milestone in the life of an American. 18 years -'whew' - I'm getting older by the minute! Although it was a slightly less-eventfull day compared to other birthdays I've had, the significance of it made the value skyrocket.

The day itself was pretty normal, what with classes and all. The constant phone calls filled with sing-songy birthday wishes kept it rolling, but made me miss everyone a bit more. They were apreciated nontheless. Thanks to all those who called, emailed, and otherwise well-wished me on this special day.

On top of the songs, I recieved a package from the Dadio filled with goodies.
- Lots and lots of bows and ribbons - a nice touch.
- Starsky & Hutch DVD
- Cards with scratchers (yielded $3 - woo hoo!) and moolah
- enough cookies* to feed the entire floor (homebaked I presume)
- also tons of buble wrap, which is a gift in itself. hours of fun. <{pop}>




*cookie supply is below 30% - request immediate replenishment.

My other gifts included a Barnes and Noble Gift Card from the J/S Gang, a Borders Gift Card from the G's, a check from the Great G's, and a magnetic-work-of-art from the James family in IL/MN. If I forgot anything, forgive me - it's 1am.

Thanks to all of you for those thoughtful and ultimately cool gifts.

After classes today, I was looking for somthing fun to do besides homework.
(there was a subtle joke in there - 10pts. if you picked it up)
Called up Ryan and he reminded me about the Pizza Bowling Night down at McPhee's - the pool hall/arcade/bowling alley under the University Union. So we headed over for three hours of pizza and bowling for only - get this - $8.50 each. What a deal that was. We must have bowled twenty games, and ate a whole pizza in the process. I must say that I WHOOPED RYAN'S @$$ on the lanes. Well, at least I didn't score as low as he did.

Ok here's the bowling pics. I'm too lazy to caption, so use your imagination. Remember that if I were captioning them, it would be witty and sarcatic as hell, so use that to make the experience more realistic. Enjoy:




Have to caption this - its the "Spare Dance".

And this is the upper half of the "Strike Dance"




Anyway, that about does it for my birthday. After that it was all homework and studying for my Psychology midterm tomorrow. *Gulp* First one of the quarter. Zoinks! Ahh, well I must roll with the punches. Suck it up, as they say.

And so I bid you farewell once again. Until I blog again.

And may your days reflect in the mirror of your face as only smiles.

Jimbo From SLO

October 04, 2004

Just Another SLO day......or is it?

Well it's Monday, and that meant getting up for class. *ugh* It's actually harder to wake up for a class when it doesn't start until 11am. It is a boring lecture, but the IME lab, which falls right after the lecture at 12, is awesome. IME is a design and manufacturing class, with focus on machining and the use of both conventional drafting and CAD software (Pro Engineer Wildfire 2.0). We've spent the past two weeks learning basic CAD functions, reviewing drafting, and machining parts on a lathe in the machine shop. This is my kind of class. I finished my part today in lab, and it came out pretty close to the desired result. I like it 'cause it's shiny. Very sparkly.

My first Cal Poly project. It was created using turning and facing - the two basic lathe functions. Pretty good for a first year eh?



After lab I scurried to calculus, another boring class, and then home. IT's LAUNDRY DAY!! WOO HOOO!!!! Not really woo hoo, but definitely important. I had built up quite a stash. Well I get down to the laundry room and there's only one machine open, so I fit as much as possible in it and went to play pool. I go back when its done, and the same guy had the other three machines still. and now none of the dryers were open. One of the four is Out of Order so I had to wait again. When I finally got the dryer I had to put two loads of wash, small ones mind you, in the dryer to budget time. Since I had split my darks it should have been OK. But after 60 mins of dryer cycle, the darn things were damp! Well I had stuff to do, so I just put in my whites, brought the wet stuff up to my room, and well, I'll let the picture do the talking.


Lets just say I'm not supposed to do this 'cause it's a fire hazard. You'll find this funny later.


So I'm "done" with my laundry and hungry as heck, so I go downstairs to see whose game for some grub. I see firemen and university police gathering in the lobby, setting up a video camera, and talking to all the RA's in hushed voices. It turns out they were doing fire drills, and video taping the reactions of people to show us what we did wrong. Well I was hungry, so this guy Kevin and I hightailed it outta there and got some pizza, followed by some billiards at the UU.

Then I went and played some Ulitmate with the usual crowd and some new guys, and we went to the cafe afterwards for some drinks and late-night snackage. Following the food and some discussion, I decided to call it a night, so I can get up for class in the morning. I came back to my room, put away what laundry is dry ( the whites, none of the darks were dry yet) and called up the dadio since he rang me up while I was playing pool.



Now here's where it gets good.

We're about done talkin', and all of the sudden this screaming, piercing, shrill tone just pops out of nowhere. Adam had already retired - he was awake instantly. I covered my ears in agony and tried to figure out what the *bleep* was goin' on. My eyes came to rest on the smoke detector - how could something so small be so *bleep*ing loud!!??! We climbed on the desks and chairs trying to shut it off, to no avail. I went down the hall and banged on the RA's door, with the same results. We squirmed in our skins for minutes while this banshee roared in our room. Then suddenly, silence..........it was over.

We don't know what set it off, but it scared the *bleep* out of both of us. I was mostly worried that somebody would come into the room and see my clothes hanging across the only escape route and fine me for breaking the fire code. So I had torn down the line and all the shirts you saw above in the midst of all the mayhem. What a mess.
What kills me is that none of the hall officials came to investigate, and only two guys came out into the hall to see what the noise was.


Anyway. This was far from your ordinary day in SLO. Hope your day went a little smoother than mine.

By the way, GO ANGELS!!! I saw Bryan and Auntie on the cover of the OCR* - excellent. I'm glad they get another shot at the title after last year. They're gonna whoop Boston in three. Just you watch. Dodgers will lose in three, as will the Twins (boo hoo). Angels - Yanks for the series. Wait and see.

*ask my dad if you want the pic emailed to you.

Catch you on the flip side.

Jimbo from SLO

October 01, 2004

October Is Upon Us

Well, it's that special time of year: the weather gets colder, the days begin to shorten, thoughts turn to the holidays, and we inch closer to - you guessed it - JIMBO's BIRTHDAY! WOO HOO! I'm gonna be 18 yo! Man that's awesome!

Anyway, I rang in the first of the month with a day of activities.

After a couple of classes - my last of the week - a friend and I hit up the University Union Pool Hall and shot a few games. I whooped his butt at nine-ball, but couldn't best him at good ol' eight-ball. We played for about an hour. I play pool at least an hour a day now. I bought my own cue and am getting more skilled every day....watch out. By X-mas I'll be hustling all the spots back home.

When we finished our billiards round I headed back to my room for some vegging out in my PC - got a Super Nintendo emulator that allows me to play the classic games- using a USB game pad. Ahhh, it brings me back.

Then I got a call from Ryan, who was going to play some beach VB over at the Rec Center. I said "heck yeah" and we were off. It ended up being six on six (not normal beach VB) but was a fun game. We played for an hour and a half and just played for fun. Met some new people, most of which live in the same hall as Ryan. Afterwards we all headed to the Lighthouse - an on-campus spot - for munchies. Ryan got a call from someone suggesting we play Ultimate later....we said sure.

I went back to my room, already tired from the days activities. I thought about calling Ryan to toss the disc around before the game, but remembered he was tired too, and decided against it. I just went back and shot some more pool with the guys in my hall.

A couple of hours later Ryan and I met with a group of ten other guys to get a game of Night Ultimate goin'. We decided to use a practice field behind the gym - one with no lights. My light-up disc, ever a hit amongst my fellows, flew across the dark expanse for TWO HOURS as we battled it out. 7 on 6, and I was on the team of 6. And we didn't finish until 12:15am. But it didn't matter 'cause WE WON! Amazingly no one was injured past a few bumps from wiping out on the wet grass. It was great fun, I tell you what. I don't think I've run that much a day in my life. We're gonna try to play again tommorow.

So that's the happ's in SLOville. Hope you all are enjoying school, work, and life in general. Keep the sunny side up. Peace,

Jimbo from SLO

P.S. sorry- no pics this time. didn't have the camera with me. I will defnitely get some Ultimate shots soon. Much luv to ya. - Jimbo