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September 28, 2004

Late-Night Escapades

Q:"What do you do if you love to play frisbee, wish you could play anytime, but are confounded by the inferiority of human eyesight?"

A: Buy a light-up frisbee of course.

Ryan told me about a company the makes light up discs last week, and after playing every day since then, I saw the validity of such a product rise. Why stop playing when the sun goes down? It seemed too good to be true, until I checked out the website. The company is called Playhard Inc., and the discs are called Flashflight discs. These are not you average frisbees. They are essentially competition quality discs made with a special compartment and other characteristics which hold an LED and fiber-optic lighting system. Checkout for all the details and products. They even have a disc that cycles through multiple colors.

So I ordered one of these bad boys last weekend, and it arrived today. The first thing you notice is that it flies exactly like any other 175g disc. Although it weighs 185g due to the batteries and extra plastic, you barely notice. So Ryan and I played for a while during day, to test it out.
But the real test came later, long after dark. After some homework, around ten, we met in the lawn between our dorms. Turn the switch on the bottom of the disc, and we're off! IT WAS AWESOME! OR as Ryan says, "THAT IS INTENSE!" This thing looks like a really cool UFO-type thing as it streaks toward you. We played for half an hour before I got kinda cold, since my feet were on the wet grass. But man, we could have gone all night! I love this thing. Greatest since the pie tin.

Here's the spot where we play - blurry without a tripod, I know. Moonlight Ultimate, how romantic.....NOT!

Ryan tries out some crazy frisbee/raver antics. What a trip.

Anyway, that's todays big event. I'm settling into a routine with classes any such, so that's no big deal. I have some regular study buddies and am diligently working on homework a few nights a week. (plug for parents) My classes are not hard at all.

Its been great to hear from everyone; your comments, questions, and hellos are always a day-brightener. For those of you who I haven't heard from yet: you know who you are, so drop me a line, email, or something. join the club, all the cool kids are doing it.

Keep it real homees.

September 26, 2004

Sunday Surfing in SLO

Well, since the weekends on campus are pretty drab(due to the majority of off campus students and parties), a few of us decided to hit up the beach for some waves this afternoon. It was already a nice day, but we needed a beach trip to top off the weekend. So Aaron, Ryan, Gabbie and I piled into Gabbie's Beamer and headed to Morro Bay. Now this is a small car, as you can imagine. So with the four of us, two boards and my boogie, plus backpacks and such, it was quite a squeeze. But we managed to be only slightly uncomfortable.

We didn't leave until almost 4, so when we got there it was primed and ready. I was about the only one there without a wet suit, and I only saw one other boogie-boarder. I was cold, and a minority. But I held my own.

After about two hours we called it a day, since we all had homework to do and we were cold. Well, I was the coldest - Gabbie and Aaron both had wetsuits. They didn't quite feel my pain. But I had a blast nonetheless. Next time I'm gonna teach myself to longboard surf.

Ryan, being used to the warm New Jersey waters, psyched himself out and dared not brave the icy foam. I didn't blame him, in just his trunks.

You know Aaron. Meet Gabbie, a Civil Engineering major who lives on the first floor of my building. She has, I assume, been surfing for a little while and.....well, I don't know much more about her than that.

- Funny Story -

After I got out and was waiting for the others to be done, Ryan and I decided to snack on some cookies we had brought. Within twenty seconds of my opening the backpack and pulling them out, a rather large dog lumbered over, sniffed around at our feet, then came and stood at mine, looking into my eyes longingly. I threw one a few feet away and she got it. *gulp* Her owners called her back. So Ryan and I converse over our cookies, and before you know it, the doggie's back. Now Ryan has the bag, and this time she actually sits at his feet and waits. But we had just eaten the last of them and there were only crumbs - Ryan illustrated this but the dog failed to grasp the concept. So we went on with the convo and she just sat there ignoring the girls calling for her.

Now the girls came over to get there dog, apologizing for the disturbance. We said no problem, 'cause this was a nice dog. We struck up another convo, and it turns out one of the girls is from Pittsburgh! As you may recall, Ryan is from PA, not far from that area. What a small world.

And finally, some scenery/surf shots to complete the day. I went back and spent two hours on Calculus *Ugh* with my buddy Matt (Aaron's roommate).

Until next time......

September 25, 2004

Ahhh, the Weekend

Well, it's Saturday, and that means NO CLASS! So my pal Ryan and I decided to go on a little trip into town, just to do a little shopping for things we need. The SLO county bus is free in September to the public, and the city bus is always free for students, so we will be utilizing it again and again. Not a bad deal. So we hit up Big 5, BestBuy, Borders, and of course, got some grub at Taco Bell. Mmm.........

All of this, by the way, occured after I had slept in till ten o'clock.

The weather is beautiful here. Clear, a nice 75 degrees - cool in the shade, warm in the sun. Perfect. So after our return from the Madonna Plaza we found a group of peeps from a neighboring red brick dorm (I'm in Tenaya, Ryan's in Santa Lucia - both red bricks) who were trying to start up a game of Utlimate. So we joined in the fun.

And now I'm typing this entry. Tonight I'll do all my homework so I can go surfing in Pismo with some dorm buds (girls too). All in all a full day, and quite a fun one. So here's my pics for the day.

Heeeere's Ryan! This cool cat is from a town near Philly, Pennsylvania. Thats right, an East-Coaster. He's a business major, but he intends to switch to engineering soon - mechanical or electrical. He's very into cars and engines, so its more his cup of tea. A very good Ultimate player as well.

This is the spot in front of the Sequoia dorm where we tossed the disc around.

Oh, what a beautiful day on the street where I live. (cheers to those of you who picked up the dual song reference in that sentence.)

September 22, 2004

My Fellow Engineers

Some of you were clamoring to see some pics of my roommate, fellow engineers and neighbors, so I'll indulge you and let you take a peek into the society of Tenaya. ( I apologize for the low quality of some of these shots.)

This is my rommate, Adam. Like me, he is here studying Aerospace Engineering. He hails from Merced, California, where he lived along with his parents, brother (Patrick?) and his dogs and guinea pigs. Thankfully none of them are joining him here at Cal Poly - I mean the pets of course. He enjoys music as much as I do, and was the drum major in his high school's very prestigious marching band. He is, to my benefit, a quiet sleeper.

This is Aaron, one of my many neighbors here on the second-floor-north wing. He is also an AERO major, and is in both of my engineering lectures and labs. He is, needless to say, a very nice guy, despite his crazy eyes (it was kinda early when I ambushed him with the camera).

This is Alex. Some people confuse him for me. Would you? No one has called me Alex...yet. Anyway, were a pretty good team at 8-ball. Must be the big-guy karma in action. He lives down the hall.

This is Greg. He's down the hall with Alex. A cool guy, also an engineer, but not the best one (mechanical), likes movies and knows how to surf. That makes him cool automatically. I'm gonna make him teach me. Hehe. But not with his dinky 6 foot board......

This is the rec room in the lobby where we all hang out in between classes, studying, and food. Pretty good equipment.

September 21, 2004

Ring the Bell 'Cause School's in Session!

Hello to all you guys and gals!

Well, school is in here at CPSLO (no bells in college, WOO HOO), and I'm psyched to be back in the swing of things. Right off the bat I got tons of homework and stuff to do, so I've been pretty busy. I had four lectures today. *Zzzzzzz*. But I love the fact that I don't feel under any pressure to get to class, perform above others, etc. I'm here because I want to be, for my own personal benefit. Feels great.

Anyway, I'm pretty much settled in here in Tenaya 235, as you can see below. It looks incredibly small, and it is. I'm sharing an 11' by 13' room with another guy(Adam, for future reference). But you'd be shocked at how little we're in here, and really how little you need to live comfortably. I'm not regreting the dorm life at all. I've got Internet, pool, ping pong and fooz ball in the lobby (along with TV), and a plethera of activities all within walking/biking distance. Between walking to class and playing Ultimate with the buds, I'm sure I'll be a little thinner the next time I see any of you.

Whats Ultimate you ask? Check out for a complete explanation of that. I've signed up to be a part of the Cal Poly Frisbee Team, to make a short story shorter. Should be quite an experience.

BTW, pics of my move-in weekend are at

My living space. Pardon the mess, I forgot to make the bed.

Here's me on my first day of school. Lookin sharp eh?

Jimbo's Excited!

Here's the text message I received from Jimbo on his first day of class.

"Woo hoo! Jimbo's in college!"

(From the Dad)

September 15, 2004

Hello from SLO

Hi everyone! This is Jimbo sayin' "what's up?". I'm having a blast here on campus in what is called WOW - Week Of Welcome. I'm in a group of ten other students with two upperclass leaders, and we participate in dozens of activities throughout the week. It's been hectic, tiring, and a little hot - but a fun time no matter what. Although I miss all of you, I'm confident and enthusiastic about the journey I'm embarking on. I look forward to many good years here at Cal Poly, and hope to gain some life-long friends and memories along the way. I don't yet know how to upload pics, but once I do you'll see my room and possibly some of the people I've been hanging with these past few days.

September 14, 2004

Jimbo Goin' SLO

Jimbo's off at college. Maybe he'll keep in touch here. :)