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January 22, 2005

Another Sweet Surfin' Adventure

Well, today we did the Pismo trip again, with everyone except Shawn. The waves were pretty gnarly: 4-7 ft with a few overheads. It was kickin' up some major sets, and we were thrashing and getting mangled all over.

Anyway, I got some requests to see what I look like in a wetsuit, so here's me and the gang struttin' our stuff for the people of Pismo.





Hope you enjoyed this blurb. Until next time, this is Jimbo in SLO saying

"Surf's up dudes!"

January 17, 2005

Surfin' Safari in SLO

"Let's go surfin' now, everybody's learnin' how, come on a safari with me..."

This was our cry at 8 o'clock this morning as six guys from Tenaya awoke to a perfectly sunny, warm January day in San Luis Obispo. (Although we had been planning this trip, we lucked out on the weather - couldn't have asked for better.) Since we didn't have class (MLK's birthday), that put the icing on the cake. I think it was german chocolate. Mmmm. . .

And so we strolled down the hill, boards and gear in hand, to pile on the bus bound for Pismo Beach, CA. This might be quite the trek for you SoCal folks, but being just 20 miles away makes Pismo a prime day trip surf spot. Well we were practically the only ones on the bus this fine Monday morning, which was nice, 'cause the boards took 3 extra seats. Pismo is just minutes away, and the bus is pretty cheap, so this mode of transportation will be used again. . .

We hopped off at Pismo Pier, just a block from the water, and made a beeline for the beach. Here, Greg and Alex posed for a quick pic. Priceless.

Within minutes we were suited up and ready to thrash that salty beast. I just bought a wetsuit yestarday in anticipation of this trip, so i was all set to face the frigid (50-55 degree) water. Check this bad boy out.


Wasting no time, Greg, Jeremy . . . hold up a sec. You haven't met Jeremy.
This is Jeremy, or Jeremiah as he prefers to be called. He's a cool kid from Jersey who came to Cal Poly to study Industrial Engineering. He likes to skate a lot, even though its mostly not allowed in SLO. He is wicked awesome at pool, which he loves. He has a table at home that he plays on when he's there. He's learning to surf, and is an all-around great guy.

Anyway, the three of us hit the surf, spending a couple of hours just getting what we could and having a blast. They both are still in the process of learning , so it was slow goings. But they seemed to thouroghly enjoy wiping out just as much as I do. We sure did a lot. I'm gonna be in the same boat once I start learning, which will be soon.


Soon the three of us were tired, so we paddled in and warmed our bones with our pals, using none other than world famous clam chowder from Splash Cafe. It was de-lish. After this Greg and Jeremy went back out, while I accompanied Alex to a local surf shop to pick up some trunks - he left his in Fresno. He got some new ones and I got a carrying bag for my board. Now I'm stylin'!


The weather became even better than it had been that morning. It cleared up abit more and got warm and breezy.

I was feeling good and ready for more, so I hit the waves with Greggor and Jerimiah again for a while. When I get out Ross . . . Ross is new too? Sheesh.

This is Ross. He's a CompSci major from San Jose who lives across the hall. He plays pool with the rest of us, and word is he surfs too, with his board that's at home.

Anyway he says that Balex (nickname not a type-o . . . long story), has gone to buy a wetsuit. Not only that, but he's taken Shawn with him. . . you haven't met Shawn either?

Shawn is an engineer from Sacramento who lives on the first floor of Tenaya. He enjoys outdoor sports like paintball and airsoft, as well as video games (flagen).

Anyway, they both bought wetsuits there! Crazy kids. I'm not sure what the motivation was, since I don't think either of them wants to surf, other than boogie boarding. Huh.

Well by this time we had been at it for more than 5 hours. Thats a lot of waves man! Greg, Jeremy and I were beat, and since we all had homework we decided to catch the next bus back to campus. It was a little late so we had a chance to stand about and dialogue. Once it showed up we all zonked out.



The day was a total success - we all had a blast and we're gonna do this next weekend as well. More wave time means better skills to show off to the ladies. . .

I can confidently say that this was the best day I've had since I got back in SLO. The feeling of being in the water, swimming and catching some amazing surf - there's nothing like it. It's euphoric.
I think the Beach Boys put it best when they said "Catch a wave - you'll be sittin' on top of the world."



On a side note, I just wanted to wish a happy birthday (belated) to the Big Dadio, Jim YZguy. Hope you had a good one man!

Hope you enjoyed this edition of Jimbo's Going SLO
This is Big Kahuna* signing off.

*I've taken to calling myself Big Kahuna because I am a big kahuna, plus it says that on my boogie board. Neat huh? Peace.

P.S. At the request of Mom, here's me at Pismo being all squinty. The sea was angry that day, my friends, and the sun/flash was bright. Peace


January 05, 2005

Blue Skies From Now On...

Hello all.

Today was a good day. So was yesterday. Yesterday began as a horrible day; I overslept and missed calculus on the second day. So after that I wallowed in angst as I pondered the consequences of having a 7am math class........

Later on I went to Public Speaking 101, and had to give a speech on the first day! No big deal, just a 1 minute blurb on a classmate I interviewed. Nailed it!
I realized the speech class wouldn't be so bad, and my spirits were lifted.

I went home and checked POlyWEbRegistration(POWER) to see what math classes were still open..... lo and behold there were two 10am classes that had open spots. My friend Matt and I looked up the teacher for one of them and went to his office to see if he was there, which he was. We were lucky enough to recieve the last two spots in his class! That was the greatest feeling in the world! And better still, we didn't miss any work, so we could smoothly transition into the class from our 7 o'clock one. WOO HOO!!!

This should allow my winter quarter here at Cal Poly to go a lot smoother. I feel so relieved and lucky that I'm just busting. In the words of George Lewis Costanza, "I'm busting Jerry, I'm busting."
And I sure am.

So today I was feeling good about myself. I went to the gym tonight for the first time in a long time. I plan on excercising every day now. Maybe the next time you see me I'll be a few pounds lighter. I'll track my progress on here, so I can set goals and ultimately be healthier.
As of today I'm 305 lbs., with a 45 in. waist.

January 03, 2005

A New Year Dawns . . .

Happy New Year to all!

2005 is upon us at long last. I hope that everyone had as great a 2004 as myself. I apologize for the large gap in my blogging - I stopped taking pictures of things after midterms and it just spiraled down from there......

Today marks the first day of a new quarter here at Cal Poly. That means new classes, new schedule, new people. My first class was at seven this morning.....talk about groggy. It's the calculus class that I'm retaking because I got a D last quarter. College can be tough. After that early class there's a four hour gap in which I have done nothing except this entry. In the coming months I will learn to spend it better. But no worries - I will prevail in the end, you'll see.

I am happy to be back in SLO, although the month at home was nice. I enjoyed spending time with family and friends, and celebrating the holidays with all of you. Thanks for another batch of wonderful memories.
It rained all night and so its quite soggy here today, with a crisp cold in the air. I'm still battling a cold, but sleep and such should solve that. It seems like forever since I've been sick - probably cause it has been.

I have some pictures to post here - from the break mostly. I'll caption them this time.

This is what a seven hour travel day will do to you.........


The beautiful tree at the dad's house - I had no hand in it this year......


This was MY doing. All these lights were put up by me alone! Spectacular!


And that about does it.......
I hope everyone has a happy 2005!

Ta Ta for now!

Jimbo from SLO