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September 15, 2005

One By One.....

Hello guys and gals! Welcome to the latest edition of Jimbo's Goin' SLO!

This is my first entry of the new school year here at Poly, and I am coming to you from my new place here in the Cerro Vista Apartment Complex, located a stones throw from the campus core. I'd like to give you all a tour and introduce, once again, the roomies.

Well this is our tiny but well-equipped kitchenette, which houses all the modern luxuries: fridge, oven and range, microwave, and every exotic delicacy from here to Pismo Beach!


Next we have the kick-ass living room, which was pretty drab and boring until we worked our magic by rearranging the furniture a bit. There's a nice view and good light and airflow. Here's before and after pictures.


Alex likes to daydream and spy on people in front of the window.


Down the tiny halls on either side are the bathrooms and bedrooms. You dont need to see the bathrooms, although they are HUGE...I think so they are wheelchair accessable. But anyway, here is my room, which also has a great view. I lucked out and got the better of two different bedroom shapes. Mine is just a rectangle, but at least its all mine!!!


So that's our humble abode. This year is going to be even better than last year; I can tell right now. Look for more posts as the weeks roll on, as I'll be filling you in on the events in my life here in SLO. Have fun reading, and I'll keep 'em coming. Peace out everybody!!!