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March 25, 2006

My First Photo Shoot!

Hello again everyone!

This entry is a little late, but as I have been sick for the past four or five days, I hope you'll still enjoy it.

On Monday I needed to shoot some film for my B&W Photo class at RCC. I had been talking with my pal TJ about him posing for me, as this project required shooting a human subject with a background that related to them, using different depths-of-field. Depth of field is an asthetic control in photography, manipulated by the aperture or "f-stop" ring on the lens. Basically by changing the size of the aperture through which light hits the film or digital sensor, you control both the exposure and the range of acceptable sharpness, or depth of field. Anyway, I needed a subject, and TJ was willing to help me out, being a fellow photo student and friend.

So we went to a spot that he recommended near his house, which overlooks dowtown Corona and the mountains to our South. The cloudy weather was perfect, although intermittent, and we got my film assignment done in no time. I shot TJ in front of his car, which is pretty sexy and tuned a bit, and got some good prints out of that roll of B&W film.

But I had brought my brand new Nikon D50 digital SLR with me, and TJ had his Canon digital SLR, so we decided to do some more shooting with digital. My new camera is really amazing. At 6 Megapixels I can shoot high quality images with great ease. I also got a good deal on the camera with two lenses, including a telephoto zoom. I'm really enjoying it. These shots are the cream of the crop from the hundred or so I shot. Now mind you these are unedited aside from my stamp in the corners. Feel free to comment by email or on this page, by clicking on the comments button at the end of this entry. Thanks!