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Day Seven: Arrived at Our Destination

Well we made it!

After seven days of driving, over 2100 miles and through 7 states of the 'ol US of A, we pulled into Antioch, Illinois with all the fanfare of... at truck rolling down main street with all the other cars... but hey we made it and thats what counts. Just pulled up in front of Gramma and Grampa Ploss' house here in town, rolled the car off the trailer, and called it a day. Gramma made us baked chicken with potato salad and watermelon for dessert. Mm-mm.

Earlier we passed through Springfield, and miles upon miles of corn fields. Not much else except lakes and rivers to see. Very quiet and flat here. (pictures follow)

Here's the last leg of our journey:

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All in all it went smoother than I could have hoped for. No problems with the truck, trailer, or weather, just lots of bumpy roads and the in-progress fixing of said roads. Now all that remains is to unload the truck and hopefully visit with the rest of the Plosses here in town, as well as the Great G's over in Gurnee. My flight home leaves Thursday afternoon. Until I blog again, this has been Life In the FAST Lane.










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OMG I WANT A MR. BILL! lol. and dude, deer head in the front seat? creeeepy. Glad the trip went smoothly! Have fun seein the fam. Wish i was there. see you when you get back!

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