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Day Three Is Short Lived...

Well after three days of driving, we finally hit a wall and decided we needed a rest. Plus we changed over into central time once we crossed into the Texas panhandle, so we lost another hour of time there. So we stopped for the night in Amarillo, TX at a Motel 6 next to the highway.

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From last nights stop in Albuquerque to Amarillo is about 290 miles, and we split that almost down the middle while the other slept, as uncomfortable as that is. The drive was mostly desert in New Mexico, and once we passed into Texas, it was flat fields with occasional buildings. Pretty boring stuff, which probably contributed to the lack of willingness to go on. It would have been rough to make it to Oklahoma City.

So tomorrow we'll be heading to Branson, Missouri (south of Springfield), where my Uncle Pete and Aunt Eileen have a house. We'll spend the fourth with them and then head up to Illinois.

For now, here's some shots from the boring drive today:






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Hey...welcome to our life! Many times we have seen that type of boring scenery. Pretty soon you'll be in the rolling farm fields. Have a happy fourth and safe journey,

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